White Lolita DressLolita is an amazing fashion subculture that has its origin in Japan. Although the word Lolita no doubt brings to mind the book by the same name written by Vladimir Nabokov, this fashion subculture is not meant to portray women as just sexy, but beautiful, sexy and confident.

In fact, it is said that Lolita Clothing came about to combat the media’s growing obsession with women exposing their skin and bodies.

The originators wanted to take fashion in a whole new direction. Lolita Clothing actually is geared towards modesty with the clothing being designed in Victorian fashion, with knee length dresses and skirts, blouses, knee high stockings or socks and even petticoats.

Extremely popular in Japan but not widely known outside of that region, it is gaining popularity with more and more exposure coming from bands that dress in the Lolita Clothing style.

There are four main types of Lolita Clothing that all have slight variations. There is the Gothic Lolita, which is a mixture of Lolita Clothing and the ever popular Gothic.

 Purple Gothic Lolita Dress

Multi-Layer Purple Cotton Sleeveless Gothic Lolita Dress

 Sweet Lolita is influenced heavily by Victorian clothing and is focused on the sweeter more childlike aspect of Lolita. Those looking for a natural look tend to gravitate towards Sweet Lolita.

Sweet Pink Lolita Clothing

Sweet Pink Bow Lace Cotton Sweet Lolita Dress

 There is the Classic Lolita that falls midway between Sweet and Gothic Lolita. This style is for those looking for the mature look and do not want to be as dark as Gothic nor as sweet as Sweet Lolita.

Classic Black Lolita Clothing

Classic Black Ruched Long Sleeves Cotton Lolita Dress

Finally, there is Punk Lolita, which is a combination of Lolita and Punk fashions that culminates in the inclusion of items such as safety pins, tattered clothing, plaids and short haircuts.


 Fashionable Red Punk Cotton Blend Lolita Skirt

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Sexy Costumes for Parties, Cosplay & Halloween

For costume parties and especially at Halloween , many women think about what they will dress up as. After all, Halloween is the one day a year that adults can dress up as anything they want, and get away with it!

There are tons of great ideas for  costumes, so here we’ll talk about some of the most popular (and sassy) lolita clothing costumes for women.

Sexy Schoolgirl CostumeSexy Costume Ideas:

School Girl
Flight Attendant
Police Officer
Pin-up Girl

Movie and TV Themed Saucy Costume Ideas:

Sexy Pirate CostumePirate Wench – think “Pirates of the Caribbean”
Robin Hood
Alice - in Wonderland that is!
Mad Hatter
Queen of Hearts
Princess Leia
Vampire – “Twilight”, need we say more?

The key to turning these and other foxy costumes into something really sexy and fun is in knowing how to do it, without overdoing it.

The costume itself should either have short hems, sexy, flowing skirts with slits up the sides, or skin tight bottoms. The tops should be styled to show off your curves; tops with built in supports are great, and corsets can be used underneath other tops.

The saucy costume forms the base of your costume, but to really pull it off you can’t forget about accessories. In terms of clothing, this includes things like provocative high heels, thigh high tights, gloves, hats, hair pieces, etc.

For example, a sexy nurse costume is great, but to really pull it off you’ll want to include a naughty little hat, thigh high white stockings, white heels or boots, and maybe even a play syringe.


It’s also important not to forget hair, makeup and perfume. For vampire lolita clothing, you would want to choose pale foundation, dark black or blue eye makeup, and black or red lipstick.

Other accessories that would give your vampire costume an extra touch would be things like fangs, dark, flowing wigs and matching jewelry.

You can get lolita clothing for costumes online, as well as from adult clothing stores. Many adult stores like Fredericks of Hollywood have costumes, as well as accessories like thigh high stockings to finish off your look.

Halloween is a perfect time to dress up in sexy costumes, and totally get away with it! So make sure to put together your costume using these tips, and you’re sure to be the sexiest creature at your Halloween party.